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Start living your purpose.

Powerfully own and communicate your soul message & story.

Embrace visibility & amplify your impact.

Become the light you wish to see in the world with visibility as your vehicle.

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The Purpose Academy

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✨Why purpose is the most powerful and only authentic foundation for heart centred small business owners.

✨ How we can use visibility to close the gap between how we are showing up in the world... and who we are really here to be.

✨ The tools that will support you in building your audience to amplify your impact and unapologetically share your gifts.

✨ How to implement powerful collaborations and partnerships with aligned individuals and brands.


You are only steps away from taking action which transforms your life into one of congruence, purpose, fulfilment, infinite possibility, service and impact....

I say that with confidence because I’ve walked the same path

So it is absolutely possible for you to create a heart centred life from which you fully live your potential and purpose.

A big and beautiful life in which your love is greater than your fear and you are fully empowered to speak your truth and use your voice in service of the collective.


“But who would be interested in what I have to say?”

“What if I speak my truth and I’m rejected for it?”

“Who am I to create that big vision that I see for my life?”

Well, I’d love to share my approach with you. 

One which is the culmination of all of my life experience.

20 years working at the heart of the British media as a Journalist and publicist with some of the world’s best known stars (Simon Cowell, Samuel. L Jackson, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, Kelly Rowland.) 

Starting a multicultural greeting card company which made history as the first independent publisher to secure a presence for black cards on the British High-street and securing distribution in the USA, South Africa and beyond.

And walking my own path to purpose, as service and true freedom – to be my most authentic self and live a life which fully honoured that, came to replace a more superficial definition of success.

And then I wrote a book - PURPOSE published by Hay House, all about it.


Welcome to The Purpose Academy

An eight month, group programme for purpose driven small business owners ready to embrace their calling and amplify their impact in the world using transformational visibility as their vehicle.

Embrace Your Calling

Discover how your life experiences are your message and have perfectly positioned you to take ownership of your gifts.

Become more of who you truly are and create congruence in your life

Find Your Voice

Your unique ‘thought leadership,’ the progressive insights and message which you are here to contribute in the world through your purpose driven business 

Transformational Visibility

Discover the tools to create publicity campaigns which deliver publicity and impact.

Unlock the confidence to embrace visibility in a way which aligns with your values and serves the collective

Live Your Purpose...realise infinite possibilities for the highest vision for your life

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Jessica Huie MBE, Founder of The Purpose Academy, is an entrepreneur and the Author of PURPOSE published by Hay House. Jessica enjoyed a glittering career as a journalist and publicist and has worked with some of the world’s best known stars and business people, including Samuel L. Jackson, Simon Cowell, Kelly Rowland & Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. Jessica founded and ran influential boutique agency JHPR for ten years.

In 2006 Jessica launched Color Blind Cards, a multi-award winning multicultural greeting card company which drove an early conversation around the importance of ethnic representation in retail and became the first independent brand to secure a high-street presence for black cards in the UK. The brand went on to secure distribution in the US and South Africa.

Jessica grew up in a council estate, was expelled from school with four GCSEs aged fifteen and became a mother aged seventeen.

Labelled one of Britain’s Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs by the Evening Standard. In 2014 Jessica was honoured with an MBE for services to entrepreneurship.

In 2016, when Jessica’s father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, for the first time in her life she stopped doing and became present. Her first book, PURPOSE, and transformation evolved from the profound space between life and death in which she found herself as a carer for her beloved father. 

In Purpose, Jessica invites us to reconnect with who we are beneath the layers of roles, titles and belief systems. Our experiences and social conditioning determine the narratives we hold about ourselves and our lives, and in an era where so many of us define our identity by the title on our business card, Jessica promises that “stripped back is where we meet ourselves.”

Passionate about challenging the ideologies which we hold around success, Jessica has shared the insights from the awakening from which PURPOSE evolved, everywhere from corporations such as Google, EY, Grant Thornton, Virgin Media and Credit Suisse, to community projects, schools and charities.

Forge your own path to congruence, freedom and PURPOSE

Our 8 months together in The Purpose Academy will include;

Fortnightly 2 hour group publicist coaching sessions with Jessica for duration of eight month programme & access to Inner Circle Facebook group Training videos to support the coaching on exactly how to create & launch a campaign which creates authentic visibility and influence for your business & positively impacts the world Guest Interviews and expert coaching sessions from creative, publishing and media industry experts on how to become renowned for your unique expertise Trainings which deepen your spiritual practise and connection to Self. Fortnightly breath work sessions, Unlock the power of your cycle training and Movement Medicine sessions. ‘Pitch to the press’ zoom workshops with National Magazine and TV journalists, Podcast & Event producers looking for speakers with depth to feature. Learn how to use your voice to create Television publicity opportunities Interviews with my previous clients for insight into their success and the impact of having overcome fear and found their voice through this work Press and speaking opportunities which members can sign up for instantly as you work towards being renumerated to speak · Access to Press and media contacts included in investment. Connection to a community of women of depth, intent on transforming their life & business through visibility – a group ripe for powerful collaboration Support in launching and orchestrating your own unique Transformational Visibility life changing business campaign or project from start to finish


You’ll have access to a library of trainings and sessions with world-class experts and teachers sharing proven business strategies for creating  authentic visibility, powerful messaging which connects and story telling which moves and inspires.

Our entire approach is inside out. So alongside trainings focussed on tangible tools to support the growth of your busines’ visibility, are sessions which support you holistically from raising your vibration through breathwork to unleashing the power of your menstrual cycle.  


Here’s a peak into some of the trainings you’ll have access to; 


Frequently Asked Questions

The Purpose Academy is perfect for you if;

You already have your business idea and have been running for at least six months/OR you have been working in an industry connected with your business idea for at least three years.

You are earning at least £2.5k per month

You are committed to being the most aligned, authentic version of yourself 

You know there is more for you and are open and ready to leap (with your hand held )

You want to make an impact and be the change you wish to see in the world

You want to deepen your spiritual connection/relationship

You are high achieving but recognise you aren’t currently fulfilling your potential 

Your goal is to fully embrace your calling and live your purpose 

The Purpose Academy is not for those just getting started. You must have started your business and/or be experienced in the sector.

It’s not for those who aren’t willing to be encouraged out of their comfort zone

It’s not for those uncomfortable with vulnerability and authenticity

It’s not for those interested purely in ego driven publicity

Members receive tailored, individual guidance on the fortnightly group coaching Q&A calls and inside the private fb group from me directly. 

 If you are a Gold member, you get me in your back pocket every single day with Voxer access for the duration of the programme.

The group calls will vary to accommodate time zones (these are subject to change when I’m travelling; Generally they take place 7.30pm – 9.30pm GMT. Calls are recorded and replays will be available in the membership hub.

The Purpose Academy is designed to support and flow with your business and life – not become an additional pressure that is difficult to sustain. That said, you’ll want to make yourself available for the calls wherever possible and keep approximately 3 hours per week free to implement the actions which take you closer to realizing your unique purpose plan.

Embrace Your Calling

In this special training I’ll be sharing my inside-out approach to visibility. An approach that places purpose at the epicentre of business and recognises visibility as a vehicle that has the capacity to unlock personal potential and create impact which changes the world.

This is a proven approach which I’ve honed over 20 years and has enabled me to empower hundreds of individuals across multiple industries to show up in the world and shine their light.

You will also be invited to work directly with me and my team in The Purpose Academy.

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We are supposed to be inspired and moved by our own lives... to feel connected to something bigger than ourselves... LIVE YOUR PURPOSE