Live Your Purpose -The Programme
(Part self study/part group coaching)

Designed to positively disrupt your life...


How do you want your life to feel? 

What do you deeply desire?

And Is the life you are living in alignment with that truth?

These are just some of the questions we explore through diving deeply into an exploration of our life journeys and what they can reveal to us about who we really are - and who we are here to be.
It’s ALWAYS (without fail) a period of presence - often just moments when we are outside of our regular routine of doing that we receive the guidance which comes in the form of inspiration, ideas and a connection to what we are feeling, that holds the opportunity to connect with the internal GPS/Sat Nav which is there to guide every step of our life. If we will let it.

That’s what the Live Your Purpose programme is all about. An invitation to step outside of your routine and look in at your life for a few hours or weeks depending on the pace for you.

Through the classes and teaching you will reconnect with who you really are and what you want…. And start creating your life with deep knowing and intentionality.



You'll Emerge With...

 A personal biog ready for use which powerfully encapsulates who you are and your work in the
 Reconnection to your deepest desires and inspired to birth them
 A transformed understanding of yourself, your purpose and your power to co-create a life of
meaning, joy, abundance and freedom
▶ The ability to share your message magnetically and amplify your impact
 And so much more...

"Working with Jessica has left me confident that I have everything I need to step into my light. The love, power, soul and energy of the beautiful group of heart-centred women is so inspiring."

Yasmin Sidhwa

"I’d never have reached out and put myself forward for a speaking engagement prior to working with Jessica and yet I secured one with Cambridge University! The fear of reaching out for opportunities and using my voice in service has gone – thank you Jessica."

Rashida Abdulai

"The power of the group is igniting. I love it and feel electric with energy from the amazing stories and growth. Such magic and soul. Excited by our collective power! Let’s change the world."

Donna Easton

What's included?...

 Pre-recorded content and videos in your exclusive members area.
 A sacred community space on facebook just for members of the course.
 2 x live calls with myself one on 22nd July and one 2 weeks later on 5th August.
2 x Bonus Trainings - Your Healing is your calling with Hayhouse Author Sophie Bashford and How to Start writing your book with Award-winning author Siobhan Curham

Don’t be surprised if shifts begin to occur immediately once you’ve booked your place.

Energy is like that. Take one step and the universe always, always takes two toward you

Starting July 22nd 2021

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